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Meeting of Non-Governmental Organizations with Gori Public Schools’ Leaders - Discussion at the Gori Center for Civic Engagement

On September 11, with the initiative of Gori Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) and Gori Educational Resource Center, a discussion was held between non-governmental organizations working on educational projects and the Leaders of Gori Public schools. Discussion aimed at presenting current and planned projects that need to be implemented in public schools by NGOs. Teachers of public and private schools, students and representatives of NGOs attended the event.

At the discussion, representatives of non-governmental organizations presented various projects targeted at students, school teachers and school Leaders. NGO Kartlosi presented Service of European Freelancing Project that will start from October this year. The project engages freelancers from Europe to participate in opening of the civil clubs in Gori public schools and interact with Georgian students by sharing their own experiences. NGO Biliki presented several projects entailing the support of socially vulnerable children as well as developing healthy life style among Georgian youth. Among the projects presented, special attention was paid to the School of Democracy Project proposed by NGO Droa that considered enlightening the students about the importance on Association Agreement that was signed between EU and Georgia. Gori Youth Center offered various free of charge services to schools (financing cultural, sport and educational initiatives and etc.)

Overall, such strong cooperation between NGOs and School teachers will definitely result in positive outcome for students as well as teachers to develop their knowledge, strengthen their professional skills and raise motivation for implementing jointly beneficial social projects.
May 2019


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